Simple bug tracking using screenshots

Track Bugs with Screenshots

Screenshots can be pasted directly into the browser. Bugs can then be pointed out by clicking on any part of the screenshot and adding a comment. Communicating bugs has never been simpler and more straight forward.

Social bug tracking

Comment Threads

Each bug has its own discussion thread. Ask questions and get answers always in the right context.

Stay Organised

Bugs are prioritised, assigned and scheduled. Project dashboards have been designed to make it easy to see which bug assigned to you needs fixing next.

Bug report straight to your inbox daily

Daily bug reports

Recieve a daily bug report directly to your email inbox. Bug Purge will tell you what bugs you have assigned to you, the current status of the bugs you have found or fixed, and your progress.

Customisable bug tracking software

Customise to fit your branding

Customise Bug Purge to fit your company branding, or just make it look really cool or wacky!

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