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Bug fixing tips and tricks to become a bug fixing master

Bug fixing is part of a developers job. Theres no escape from bugs cropping up here and there. Even the best developers in the world have to fix bugs! So... what can you do to make the war against bugs a little easier? We have put together some tips and tricks to help you minimise the amount of time you'll need to spend bug fixing and get back to development.

Who says bug fixing is boring?

What's this? A spreadsheet full of bug descriptions from a client. Ah man... This isn't going to be fun. Sound familiar? Lets face it.. Bug fixing isn't the most fun thing to do in the world. In fact some people find it to be a very tedious task. Yes, it can be, but normally only when faced with a mountain of bugs to fix. On the other hand, any task can become very daunting when there’s a lot to be done.

How to add a user to a group (Using the Linux terminal)

Heres how to add a user to a group using the linux terminal. As well as adding permissions to individual users, you can also grant permissions to users within a certain groups. Create a group and create a user, and then use the following command to add the user to the group