Track and replicate bugs effortlessly using screenshots

Bug Tracking Software should be simple and not get in the way of programming. That's why we made Bug Purge.

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Track bugs quickly

If you find a bug, take a screenshot and paste it directly into Bug Purge. If you're a web developer you can capture screenshots at the click of a button using the Bug Purge Screenshot tool for Google Chrome.

Screenshots speak 1000 words

By adding comments to screenshots communicating and replicating bugs is much simpler and more effective. Pin point exactly where bugs have occurred and save the developers time searching.

Stay in the loop

Get daily email updates about everything going on on the projects you're interested in. Developers a notified by email when bugs are assigned to them.

Bug centric discussions

Keep on topic by adding comments in the context of the bug you're working on.

Stay secure

Bug Purge is secured with 128 bit encryption so your IP always remains safe.

Stay focused

There are minimal distractions when using Bug Purge. If you find a bug, track it and get back to what you were doing quickly.